3 questions you may be asking yourself about Selling your home in Todays Market with a market update for Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton and Suwanee Ga.
3 Question to ask yourself about selling your home today
The first item I look at when examining the health of any real estate market is the months supply of inventory (think homes for sale). This tells me who has most of the negotiating power at any point in time.
At the end of September on a national average there is a 3.2 month supply of homes for Sale.
In our market - the months supply of homes in Alpharetta, Cumming Suwanee and Milton at the end of October 2022 is shown in the graph below.
The graph shows the inventory levels for Alpharetta, Cumming and Suwanee Ga are at 2 months or below while the months supply of Inventory in Milton is about 3.5 months supply.
A sellers market is considered anything where the months supply of homes is below 6 months so all four of the areas remain in a strong sellers market.
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Some Highlights

  • If you’re planning to sell your house this year, you likely have questions about what the shift in the housing market means for your home sale.
  • You might be wondering: Should I wait to sell? Are buyers still out there? And can I afford to buy my next home?
  • Let’s connect so you can get answers to these questions and learn about the opportunities you still have in today’s housing market. Call or text me at 770 722-7010.