As we enter 2023, Georgia’s housing market continues to be desirable.  Our state attracts both individuals & businesses. Now the 8th most populous state, Georgia was the 4th highest state for population growth last year. This activity creates economic activity and demand for housing & supports a solid housing market. 

I expect this growth to continue fueling strong demand for houses in 2023.This is a positive if you are considering selling your home. For buyers, we anticipate inventory to remain lower than historical averages, although not as drastically low as we have seen over the past couple of years.

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If you're thinking about selling your house, recent headlines about home prices falling month over month may have you second guessing if you should sell your home now.  Perspective matters.  What I see going on right now is the market in the Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton & Suwanee areas remains a Seller's Market, even if it is a slight seller's market right now.  


What’s Really Happening with Home Prices? What’s Really Happening with Home Prices? [INFOGRAPHIC] | MyKCM

Some Highlights

  • While home prices are down slightly month-over-month in some markets, home values are still up almost 10% nationally on a year-over-year basis. A nearly 10% gain is still dramatic compared to the more normal level of appreciation, which is 3-4%.
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