Myths about the 2024 Housing Market

When it comes to the current housing market, there’s a lot of misinformation out there right now.  And you may be confused about what’s fact and what’s fiction.  

That’s why I’m busting some of the biggest myths and misconceptions in real estate today. Swipe to see. 

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Myths About the 2024 Housing Market.  This short video discusses 3 myths about our housing market and John Foster, Realtor with Keller Williams discusses each of them.


4 Tips for Selling Your Home in Atlanta this Spring by Realtor John Foster

If you are considering selling your home in the Atlanta area - your goal might be to get the most money, in the least amount of time with the least amount of hassle. Here are 4 tips to Selling Your home this spring. If you live in North Atlanta - contact John Foster for additional tips and recommendations. John Foster is "Atlanta's Best Listing Agent". When John Foster is your Realtor he will help you: 1. Sell your home within a specific timeframe 2. Help Price your home competitively 3. Market your home to potential buyers 4. Offer suggestions and resources to fix up or prepare your home to sell it. 5. Find a Buyer for your home. 6. Help with negotiations and dealing with the buyer 7. Assist all the way through closing John Foster is a full time realtor and has been since 2003 - you will love working with him. John Foster uses a home selling system, called 72Sold, to accomplish these 3 goals. It if a different way of selling compared to the traditional way - contact John and ask about his 72Sold method of selling homes. Call or text him today at 770 722-7010 or email him at