The Benefits of Working With an Agent When You Sell Your House - FREE INFOGRAPHIC

Bottom Line

For the vast majority of people, YES they should have a Realtor assist them in Selling their home.  Most people "do not know what they do not know" and when selling the biggest asset most people own, yes it is worth it.  By using a Realtor you should "net more money" and/or "have less hassle" then if you sell your home yourself.  Consider the Following:

1.  Safety is a Priority When Selling Your Home.  Remember Real Estate Agents should pre-qualify their clients before bringing them to your home.

2.  A Powerful Marketing Strategy is a must.  Generating multiple offers is a key to netting the most money possible.  The main reason people sell their homes themselves is to save the commission.  If a Seller sellers their home for 10% less to save paying a commission they "net" less money, have more stress and it is not what they thought.  A powerful marketing strategy is a must to generate multiple offers and you do that by identifying motivated buyers.

3.  There are lots of Negotiations.  Most Buyers who Buyer Homes listed by owner will be other buyers that do not have agents (which is a smaller pool of buyers to choose from - see #2 Above).  Why do these buyers not have an agent?  Mainly because they want to save on the commission and they are not motivated.  How do I know that?  First thing a motivated buyer and seller do is find a great agent when they have to buy or sell.  Obviously, both the buyer and seller can not save the commission.  Most buyers will offer considerably less than full price and say something like "if you have to hire an agent you have to pay this anyway".  That is just the beginning of the negotiations.  Remember the inspection and the appraisal - you negotiate until the home is sold and closed

4.  How will you know if the Buyer can Afford Your Home.  This is a big one.  No one wants to waste time showings homes, going under contract only to find out down the road the buyer does not qualify to buy the home.  

5.  You Net More Money When Using a Great Listing Agent (Like John Foster).  Many homeowners think by saving the commission they will "Net" more money when they close on the home.  They may avoid paying a commission but according to Collateral Analytics, found that the difference between a home sold by owner and an agent-listed home was an average of 6%.  One of the main reasons for the difference is effective exposure of the home.  The Average Sales price in 2021 for home sold by owner was $225K compared to an average sales price of $330K for Agent Assisted Sales.  

Source:  the 2022 National Association of Realtors Profile Of Home Sellers

Summary:  Listing on your own leaves you to manage the entire transaction by yourself. Why do that when you can hire an agent and still net the same amount of money if not more? 

The Difference

Do NOT assume all Real Estate Agents are the same.  There is a lot of turnover in the Real Estate Industry.  When you look for a Real Estate Agent to List your home make sure you interview him/her.  Your Realtor should be the Best Realtor you can find.  Questions to ask your Realtor Include:

1.  How long have you been a Realtor

2.  Are you a Full Time Realtor

3.  How do you sell homes? 

4.  Do you have a system to sell homes?  The system I use to sell homes is Called 72Sold.  It works and helps people sell their homes for more money -  here is a survey of how the 72Sold System compares to other Realtors.  Once again do not assume all Realtors are the same.  John Foster's system to sell homes get his sellers on average between 8.4%-12% more than other Realtors!

How does John Foster Sell for an average of 8.4% - 12% more?  He runs a system that works.  When you meet w/ John Foster he will share with you his 10 steps to Higher Prices for Home Sellers:











John's system works!  Here is a testimonial.  

Some Highlights

  • When it comes to selling your house, the expertise of a trusted real estate agent can makes a huge difference.  John Foster has been a full time Realtor since 2003  - he knows the market and knows how to help you achieve your goals.
  • Your Realtor should explain what’s happening today, what that means for you, and how to price and market your house.  Check out Realtor John Foster's market updates on his YouTube channel - click here.
  • Make sure your Realtor is a skilled negotiators and well versed in the contracts and disclosures involved.  You will see Real Estate Agent John Foster will talk about different strategies when negotiating - he is excellent and you will like his advice.
  • Let’s connect so you have expert advice throughout the entire process.  Call or Text John Foster today at 770 722-7010.


I am John Foster, a full time Realtor Serving North Atlanta.  Specifically, John Foster strives to the best Listing Agent in Milton, Best listing agent in Cumming, Best listing agent in Alpharetta and best listing agent in Suwanee.  John knows these markets, knows how to help sellers accomplish their goals.  You will love working with John.  If you are looking for the best real estate agent in Atlanta - contact John Foster today at 770 722-7010 or


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