With interest rates rising the last couple weeks - yes that will impact the real estate market. How you ask?  interest rates are a large part of determining a monthly payment.  Most people when they look a affording a home look at the monthly payment first, then the home price. 

Here is how the rise in interest rates impacts monthly payments:

A year ago the 30 year fixed rate was around 3.125% and today around 4.5-5.0 %.  That increase in rate, on a $400K mortgage causes the Monthly payment (principle and interest only) to go up 18% per month.  That is why increasing interest rates causes the real estate market to slow down.  

As less buyers can afford higher prices I expect less bidding wars so the monthly appreciation will slow down.  So how long will that take?


Here are the results of a recent Zillow survey:

I am sure this survey was take before the increase in interest rates. 

When do I think we will get to a a more "NORMAL INENTORY LEVELS?

 Here are what our inventory levels are (per FMLS) in Alpharetta, Cumming, Milton and Suwanee:

A "normal" healthy market is about a 6 months supply of homes on hand.  Today, we are below a one month supply in each of these areas.


I expect the rising interest rates to slow our market considerably so if I had to pick one year - I would say 2023.

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